Where has our Brooklyn of old gone

What happened to Brooklyn oh how it has changed from the days when on a hot Summer day you would open up the Johnny pump and dunk people and play for hours . Nobody got hit by cars nobody stayed inside or even lost the chance to have fun on the Brooklyn Blocks. I remember corner store bodegas and mom and pop stores laced he avenune with a sense of hope. I remember Chinese  I stores  that sold ninja stars and suits,  samurai, swords were legal . We had Rambo knives we carried with not a thought of hurting anyone. The flyer girl was the one with the nice body. Still ball had us feeling like we were going to make it to the majors one day and manhunt cocolevio was our role playing games. Oh Brooklyn where have you gone. Now it’s coffee shops triangle parks in the middle of the intersection. The conquers are at it again slowly gentrifying the urban communities turning them into their own. Is it about color of course the color

Part 5 – Illuminati Exposed (Semiramis)

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Know Your Enemy

Who Are the Illuminati?

– maximum consumption of the last non-renewable resources during that period, to be able to keep productive system going on “normally” until the final showdown.

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message sent by Matt Marriott, to the CNN Kosovo Board, March 24, 1999 – a few minutes before the carpet bombing in Europe started again, after a pause of almost 54 years.

Link – http://who-are-the-illuminati.blogspot.in/2004/05/who-are-illuminati.html

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Twin Peaks Hoax: Psyops coming Fast and Furious

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TwinPeaks openingshotcredits.jpg

9 and 811 (9 dead – 18 injured – 192 arrested)

6-9-3  vortex based psyop =  11 Twin Peaks

Freemasons, FBI informants, Waco Texas, FOP, CIA, Fast and Furious, Waco Siege 1993, Jade Helm, Reconquista, NAU, Psyops


Waco Texas Biker Brawl and Shooting is a Hoax – Totally Ridiculous – No Disinfo.com

This is really becoming boring to sit through the MSM’s pathetic coverage of these lame crISIS hoaxes.  The only important point is that when these AMTRAK hack and  flako WACO events become more regular, it genarally applies to distraction from the larger event. In this case BRICS, China and TPP and our dollar collapse coming this year.

The Bikers in this event are right out of Central Casting and the CIA Fast & Furious drug runners on the payroll of Langley and  Quantico training. Some likely from Mexico too since the plan for the North American Union has been…

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Part 6 – Illuminati Exposed (Tower of Babel The Mountain)

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Know Your Enemy

Who Are the Illuminati?

  • Notes :
    1 – Vatican not included in the original message, because this would lead to immediate deletion of the message2 – Mind control techniques of acceptance by association and refusal by dissociation intensively used.
    a) – Example : I perceive Bush as evil. Bush says : there is GOOD and there is BAD. This will lead me to refuse that assertion (dissociation). Conclusions : I reject what Bush says; I’m convinced that everything is gray.
    b) – Example : Bush presents himself and is presented by the media as a “christian fundamentalist”; Bush bombs the opposition to oblivion. Conclusions : belief in God leads to extremism; belief in God is incompatible with a peaceful world (dissociation).
    c) – Example : media is telling me 24 hours a day that Kerry is the alternative to Bush and vice-versa.
    If the starting point is…

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