Truth About Will Smith and Gay Hollywood Casting Couch

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Illuminati Satanist LL Cool J shows the mental shortcomings of Freemasonry

Hard evidence that LL Cool J is a Freemason and an Illuminati puppet just like the rest of the exposes I’ve done, but this one is a little different because something is not right about LL Cool J, yes he is in shape but is it because he is overcompensating for something else? Recent images suggest that on top of being ripped, he may also be lightening his skin tone, let me know what you think because the end of this video is more of a question than anything.


Voltaire: “Prejudice is what fools use for reason.”

Carl Jung: “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

Confucius: “Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.”

William Shakespeare: “The whole world is a stage.”

Barack Obama: “We have a duty to ACT.”


They are Illuminati mind-control puppets. You want the red pill or the blue pill ?

The 1 % is all over the news at the moment but, of course, it doesn’t begin and end with the banking community.
The 1 % is the ruling elite, and they want your full attention.
How better to rape the world of its future than to ensure we are all entranced and chanting.

Our planet is controlled by an Illuminati Masonic secret society
who plan to control all humanity under a one world Government,
They believe in ancient laws and are trying to create a
Luciferian Satanic society for the new 5th age of Aquarius/Antichrist.

All wars have been by design, all economic crashes have been by design.
The Music industry is corrupted by these tyrants as is politics, Movies, Religions, Governments.
They use technology against us and openly admit that they want a massive population reduction,

The United Nations has outlined in it’s publications “Agenda 21″
and “Our common future” that they want us living in sustainable camps
i.e FEMA Camps every person will be given a job without choice
and once we are no longer able to work we will be seen as an unsustainable drain on resources.

The New World Order is Corrupted and Satanic and needs to be exposed.
I believe Humanity can be free and that once we realize
that we are all one species we can stand up to the evil in this world.
Our society is controlled by Demonic entities
who have been pulling the strings since ancient times..

We need to wake up and expose this evil,
such as Bohemian Grove and the Elite Satanic rituals,
The Zionist political ideal which has the Kabbalah at the heart of it.
Our perception of reality is controlled by these evil minded fools.

We spend our days like slaves working to feed a corrupted system of false control,
they feed us distractions and false idols, they sway political views
with False Flag Terror attacks and go to war illegally,
but they are only exposing themselves who they truly are …


The Westside hand gesture or Triad Claw/Marrano gesture signals the letters M & W,
which symbolise 666 from the three V’s.
The letter V is “waw” in Hebrew and “vav” in Gematria and is the 6th letter in both.…

The False prophet from the Book of Revelation is Hermes aka Mercury the Son of Zeus,
the brother of Apollyon the Destroyer. He is the Eagle, he is the Messenger of the gods.
Hermes aka Mercury is the False prophet from the Book of Revelation.…



PressTV: US arming Israel with additional 14 stealth fighters

Originally posted on 2012: What's the 'real' truth?:

The US is set to arm Israel with more fighter jets.

The US is set to arm Israel with more fighter jets.

The United States is set to arm Israel with more fighter jets in a three-billion-dollar agreement signed between Washington and Tel Aviv over the weekend.

The deal includes 14 F-35 stealth fighters made by the US company, Lockheed Martin, at a cost of about $110 million each, Israeli officials announced on Sunday.

Other technological and training elements were also included in the military package.

Israel is expected to receive the fighter jets by the end of next year.

The United States provides Israel with some $8.5 million in military aid per day, adding up to over $3 billion annually.

In November, the Department of Defense announced plans to arm Israel with 3,000 smart bombs as part of Washington’s military aid to Tel Aviv.

In December, American lawmakers passed a bill to deepen Washington’s bonds…

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