WATCH: 58 Races Of The Alien Race Book

If you think we alone, You won’t after this.



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If I had to describe myself I would say I'm Diligent, loyal and dedicated. My Objectives are To create work people can appreciate and learn from. As a screenwriter I create Films people can relate to. As a Author I consider myself a mix between Charles Dickens and Donald Goines. Today most commercial artist in the Industry lack creativity and that's why most have no longevity. They come and go, and I Try to Inspire writers to be more creative because there Is always something new under the Sun, You just have to look for it.. To sum it up , when u see 3rdeyeviZion We are the past, We are the present, We are the future of change. No gimmicks, no acts. "Truth has no Agenda" We speak on what We live or lived. Welcome To 3rdeyeviZion.. View all posts by The Untamed Blogger

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