Mysterious Hooded Men & Occult Circles Appear Globally

Answer to the mystery could also inform us as to what’s behind the ‘Google Barges’
October 31, 2013

Who are these mysterious hooded men that have been showing up at soccer games in Europe wearing occult-style symbolic robes?

The answer could also serve to inform us about what’s behind the secretive ‘Google Barges’ being built on the east and west coast of America.



United Nations To Destroy Property Rights of Thousands Around Alamo

UNESCO won’t grant Alamo “World Heritage” status without property restrictions in “buffer zone
October 31, 2013

UPDATE: According to UNESCO’s 2013 Operational Guidelines for the Implementation of the World Heritage Convention, “potential danger” within the proposed 4,500+ acre “buffer zone” around the Alamo, including the “threat of armed conflict,” would jeopardize the mission’s “World Heritage” status, meaning that the City of San Antonio will likely use U.N. guidelines to ban future Second Amendment rallies near the Alamo, such as the successful Oct. 19 Come and Take It San Antonio rally which Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson helped organize.

In its official statement regarding the United Nations takeover of the Alamo, the Texas General Land Office did not address the restrictions that will be placed on private property surrounding the Alamo once it is named a UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage Site, even though the official nomination makes it clear that thousands of property owners will be affected.


The GLO’s press release published yesterday never mentioned the loss of property rights in the proposed 4,500+ acre “buffer zone” surrounding the Alamo, which places “complementary legal and/or customary restrictions” on private property within the vicinity of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

“Some folks might think that getting on this [UNESCO World Heritage] list means the U.N. has some sort of influence at the Alamo,” Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson said.

Those “folks” are correct according to the official Nomination for Inscription on the World Heritage List and UNESCO’s very own Operational Guidelines for the Implementation of the World Heritage Convention for 2013.

The official nomination states that a “buffer zone” will be created around the five San Antonio Franciscan Missions, including the Alamo:

A buffer zone surrounds the nominated property following the boundaries set up in the various city ordinances, including Rio Overlay Districts 3-6, Mission Historic District, River South Management Area, and the Alamo Historic District. The buffer zone runs from Travis Street in the north to Camino Coahuilteca on the south, Presa Street on the east and Mission Road and Roosevelt Ave on the west. The total area of the buffer zone is 1,828.8 hectares (4,519.1 acres).

But what exactly is a buffer zone?

The UNESCO 2013 Operational Guidelines gives the following definition:

For the purposes of effective protection of the nominated property, a buffer zone is an area surrounding the nominated property which has complementary legal and/or customary restrictions placed on its use and development to give an added layer of protection to the property.

This should include the immediate setting of the nominated property, important views and other areas or attributes that are functionally important as a support to the property and its protection.

The area constituting the buffer zone should be determined in each case through appropriate mechanisms.

Details on the size, characteristics and authorized uses of a buffer zone, as well as a map indicating the precise boundaries of the property and its buffer zone, should be provided in the nomination.

In summary, if you own property within the 4,519.1 acre buffer zone surrounding the missions in San Antonio, including the Alamo, you will lose many of your property rights if these missions are designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

A map of the over seven square mile buffer zone surrounding the Alamo.

A map of the over seven square mile buffer zone surrounding the Alamo.

This has already occurred in the buffer zone surrounding Yellowstone National Park, as wepreviously reported.

In the early 1990s, multiple environmental organizations, which were members of the International Union for Conservation of Nature, petitioned the Clinton administration to declare Yellowstone a “World Heritage Site In Danger.”

At the administration’s request, the World Heritage Committee, in collaboration with IUCN, sent in a team of “experts” to evaluate the park.

That team ultimately declared Yellowstone to be “in danger.”

As a result, in accordance with the 1972 international treaty entitled Convention concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage, the Clinton administration restricted the use of private property within the buffer zone of Yellowstone National Park, calling it a “protective measure.”

A private mine several miles away from Yellowstone but within the buffer zone was shut down by the federal government on behalf of the U.N.

In the present, the City of San Antonio already rejected a proposed downtown hotel tower because it jeopardized the Alamo’s World Heritage status.

These are the types of situations property owners in San Antonio will encounter if they are within the buffer zone surrounding the Alamo and other missions.

UNESCO's definition of a buffer zone.

UNESCO’s definition of a buffer zone.

While we applaud efforts to give more international recognition to these missions, the property rights of Texans should not be restricted in the process.

The Alamo in particular is already being preserved as a symbol of Texan and American heritage, so there is absolutely no need to shackle this shrine of liberty to an international treaty with UNESCO, which the Reagan administration referred to as having “a hostility toward the basic institutions of a free society, especially a free market and a free press.”

We urge Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson and the Texas General Land Office to protect the property rights of Texans as much as they protect the Alamo.

Pro-Gun Sheriff Found Not Guilty

Jury nullifies false arrest of Nick Finch who supported Second Amendment
October 31, 2013

Nick Finch, the Florida sheriff arrested in June after he defended the Second Amendment, has been declared “not guilty” of the charges brought against him by the State of Florida, according to Richard Mack.

Sheriff Nick Finch (Facebook Photo)

Sheriff Nick Finch (Facebook Photo)

The Liberty Co. sheriff was charged with felony “official misconduct” and “falsifying public records” after he removed the arrest file of a suspect held on an unconstitutional gun charge but later released on his orders.

After closing arguments by prosecutors and the defense, the jury took less than 90 minutes to reach its verdict.

Finch said today on the Alex Jones Show that the judge and the prosecutors were “not surprised” over his acquittal.

“They knew that they had no case,” he said.

Finch is expected to return to his duties as sheriff.

During the trial, the sheriff testified that he released Floyd Eugene Parrish, who was arrested for unlawfully carrying a firearm, because he believed the Second Amendment trumped all state gun laws.

As we reported back in June, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement accused Finch of covering up the arrest of Floyd Eugene Parrish after releasing him from the Liberty County Jail.

On March 8, Sgt. James Joseph Hoagland of the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office arrested Parrish during a traffic stop after finding a .25 automatic pistol in Parrish’s right front pocket and a holstered revolver in his car, according to court records.

Parrish was then taken to the county jail.

After being notified of Parrish’s arrest, Finch took the arrest file and told jailers that Parrish would be released with no charges, according to investigators.

Finch also ordered both the pistol and revolver be returned.

Hoagland told the FDLE that he spoke to Finch about Parrish’s release and Finch told him he “believed in Second Amendment rights.”


NSA Script Advised Officials To Inject 9/11 As Talking Point To Justify Mass Surveillance

Underlings at spy agency were given orders to invoke terror attacks

Steve Watson
Oct 31, 2013

A newly released internal NSA document reveals that officials at the spy agency were advised to deliberately invoke the specter of the 9/11 attacks when talking to members of Congress, the media, or when making public addresses, as a way of justifying mass surveillance of Americans.

The 29 page document, obtained by Al Jazeera writer Jason Leopold via the Freedom of Information Act, appears to be part of a mad rush to organise a PR campaign following the Edward Snowden leaks.

In sections entitled “Sound Bites That Resonate”, and “Media Leaks One Card”, suggested talking points include the following phrases:

“I much prefer to be here today explaining these programs, than explaining another 9/11 event that we were not able to prevent.”

“NSA and its partners must make sure we connect the dots so that the nation is never attacked again like it was on 9/11.”

“These programs have helped prevent over 50 terrorist events since 9/11, while also carefully protecting civil liberties and privacy of our citizens.”

“First responsibility is to defend the nation.”

“Post-9/11 we made several changes and added a number of capabilities to enable us to connect the dots.”

Leopold notes that NSA head Gen. Keith Alexander used an amalgamation of the statements on June 18 , when testifying before Congress regarding the mass surveillance programs.

“It is much more important for this country that we defend this nation and take the beatings than it is to give up a program that would result in this nation being attacked.” Alexander told legislators.

The Washington Post notes that this practice has continued. During a House Intelligence Committee hearing on Tuesday regarding the surveillance program, “September 11″ or “9/11″ were mentioned 14 times.

Alexander also stated “Prior to 9/11, we had no way of connecting those dots,” referring to such surveillance of “suspects”, again using one of the talking points.

Rep. Charles “Dutch” Ruppersberger, a Democrat on the intelligence committee also appeared to be reading from the NSA script, stating “these dots should have and likely could have been connected to prevent 9/11, and are necessary to prevent the next attack.”

Other intelligence officials, such as outgoing FBI Director Robert Mueller, have also repeated the same talking points, indicating that the NSA script was used beyond the agency and throughout the spying community.

The NSA document also advises officials to where ever possible use the word “lawful” when discussing NSA surveillance programs, and to add the phrase “our allies have benefited … just as we have.”

The talking point is deliciously ironic given the latest revelations about the NSA spying on foreign dignitaries and heads of state.

“We believe that over 100 nations are capable of collecting signals intelligence or operating a lawful intercept capability that enable them to monitor communications,” the document notes.

The document also notes that when replying to questions regarding privacy and civil liberties violations, officials should say that there have been no “willful violations” and that the NSA is bound to “upholding the privacy and civil liberties of the American people.”

“NSA employees are acutely aware of the importance of protecting the 4th Amendment. We are, ourselves, private citizens.” the script also states.

Of course, while illegally monitoring the communications records of untold numbers of Americans, the reality is that NSA spying has not result a SINGLE foiled terrorist plot.

The NSA has refused to comment on the document.