Massive sunspot spewing destructive flares aligning with Earth

Starship Earth: The Big Picture

There could be some extraordinary solar activity in the next few days. Some people are concerned about an X-Class flare knocking-out our power grid. Others believe that our galactic friends will see to it that such a disruption does not happen. Have you noticed the large sun spot, described in this article? -LW

Direct hit would devastate nation’s infrastructure

Published: 13 hours ago

author-imageF. MICHAEL MALOOF 

WASHINGTON – A dark sunspot cluster on the sun said to nearly the size of the planet Jupiter is coming into alignment with Earth

AR2192, estimated to be 80,000 miles wide, is said to be spewing powerful solar flares in the most extreme X-range, some 14 times the size of Earth.

The Solar Dynamics observatory of NASA has been observing the sunspot as it has increasingly come into alignment with Earth.

The flares create beautiful auroral displays at high latitudes. But in a…

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