German Spies Warn Islamic State Has Anti-Aircraft Rockets

The Muslim Issue

ISIS 9K32 Strela-2 surface to air missileAdeel_Ali_the_head_of_aidBritish Muslim Abdeel Ali, a member of aid organization Al-Fatiha Global that sent kidnapped execution victim Alan Henning to Syria, seen here posting with two ISIS terrorists. Henning was part of a 20-car convoy distributing delivering ‘life-saving medical supplies’ to a hospital in north-west Syria. We’d like to ask: was the supplies intended for the jihad hospital in Turkey by the Syrian border? We’d also like to know why only the kafir was kidnapped. None of the other drivers or participants of the convoy was kidnapped.



German Spies Warn Islamic State Has Anti-Aircraft Rockets

Agence France-Presse | Updated: October 26, 2014

Berlin: Germany’s intelligence service believes Islamic State jihadist fighters in northern Iraq possess anti-aircraft weapons that could take down passenger jets, according to a newspaper report Sunday.

The BND federal intelligence service had told German lawmakers about its suspicion in a confidential briefing late last week, reported the…

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