The Great CON of Man Esoteric’s, the Supernatural, Magicians, Mind Control, and the New World Order – Parts Two and Three, by Bradley Loves

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

For those who have interest in the ‘real’ truth, I think this information is essential. Since there are several more of Bradley’s articles in this series, I want to get the information out to you for you to read at your leisure. Please, I ask that you don’t get caught up in the chaos and pass this by, because it is far more important than the chaotic headlines that now are coming our way.

Thanks and hugs to both Bradley and to you, my readers, for all you are doing to help get the truth out. Daily I wonder if they will take me offline . . . ~Jean

A few hundred thousand years ago, Some Reptilian/Human hybrids, known as the Anunnaki, came to the Earth, and gave certain living human beings a special DNA upgrade!

Sadly, they lied to them. It was actually a downgrade, and a process which began…

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