Anti-quarantine nurse Hickox was trained as intelligence officer by the CDC


I said it days ago that this Ebola situation is a psy-op.  Now we have this nurse who is refusing to cooperate with being quarantined and challenging the legality of it.  So now, they will push this into the legal arena and make it perfectly legal to force anyone deemed a risk to be put under lock-down.   This is not ordinary nurse folks.  They scrubbed the net of her linked-in data, and now we find out she was specially trained to be an intelligence officer for the CDC in the same way military intelligence people are trained.

Naturally, one has to ask why is this happening?  Do they want to just keep our borders open?  Do they want America to be in a pandemic situation and weak? Why?   Do they want to disrupt the 2014 elections?  Is this a prelude to Martial law?  How would other countries view America if…

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