Fast Forward from FEAR to FREEDOM

Loving with Abandon

Do you get sick of hearing people say “I’m free! I’m so glad the chains have been broken off! I love this freedom I am now experiencing for the first time!” I don’t blame you. It can be annoying at times, yes…..but. There’s always a “but”. BUT, I have to say, it’s happened to me. I’ve become one of those “annoying” people! I always thought I was free, that I was “saved” and going to Heaven, chains weren’t really “on” people and thank goodness I was one of those that didn’t grow up experiencing that. But. There it is again. When a horse runs in a big race, they wear these blinders on the sides of their eyes, as to not be distracted by anything and anyone else around them. They just see straight ahead, going through the motions of doing what they’ve been trained to do, just trying to…

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