CERN –Shiva, Ancient Fallen Angel Technology & The Illuminati (Updated 8/03/14)


I have been watching the discussion concerning CERN for the past couple of years and have come to the conclusion after taking in all the information and the people associated with the project that it is nothing more than an occult application of ancient Fallen Angel technology by the Illuminati.  The Illuminati is obsessed with fulfilling what George Bush called the fulfillment of an ancient dream, referring to the return of the Days of Noah when the Nephilim hybrids were on the earth.  The restoration of the Atlantean  rule of the Philosopher kings.  This will be represented in The New World Order when the 10 regions will most likely be ruled by demonically driven hybrid kings all serving the Antichrist.  Since the secret societies are obsessed with pharonic imagery and the raising of Osiris, I believe this is what we are witnessing.

What most people couldn’t grasp related to CERN…

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