Devout Muslims slaughter over 120 children in Pakistan for going to school

The Muslim Issue

Shame shit, just different location and day. Slaughtering small kids has nothing whatsoever to do with politics.  Ideology is more important than humanity for Muslims. If the children don’t serve as a penile receptor to pedo Muslim men, they serve as bomb fodder. So what will the West do now? Interfere again and help the Taliban fund and arm their ‘democracy’ and ‘human rights’?

Rest assure Muslims will use the images they acquire from their own slaughter of Muslim children as propaganda material to blame on ‘American drone attacks’.

Whether it is Palestine, China, Russia, Sydney, Boston, New York, Thailand, India, and so on – the motivation continues to be one and the same: Islamic ideology. The longer people stay in denial, the harder it will be to end this medieval savagery.



Over 120 Pakistanis, mostly children, killed in Taliban high school attack

By Jibran Ahmad
PESHAWAR, Pakistan…

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