Is Russia Preparing to Adopt a Gold Standard?


gold bullion

By Joshua Krause – The Daily Sheeple

Since June of this year, Western sanctions have pushed the ruble into freefall mode, causing the currency to lose 50 percent of its value to the US dollar. Many are wondering what the Russian government is prepared to do to stave off recession, and prevent the ruble from falling any further.

As we speak, the people of Russia are on a spending spree, buying luxury items like sports cars and electronics in an effort to preserve what little wealth they have left. If something is not done soon, then Russia’s post-Soviet recovery could be completely derailed. The answer to this crisis may come from Russia’s massive gold haul.

Over the past ten years, Russia has been on a gold buying spree, placing it among countries like France and Germany as the largest gold carrying nations. Many have speculated that Russia may be preparing…

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