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 Without prejudice, but if you are suddenly being approached by a so-called benefactor who wants to ‘fund’ your humanitarian, environmental, public benefit or CVAC project then PLEASE TAKE NOTICE:

Here is the first attempt at a POSSIBLE ‘false flag’ RV already:


St. George

Right now, this is highly dubious and suspicious for a number of reasons;

Firstly, the current system is operating fraudulently under a Federal Reserve fractional reserve banking system and no bona fide reset has occurred as yet, nor has it been announced;

We are not saying that it won’t happen or that a reset won’t occur, we will merely be highlighting what constitutes an honourable contract and what the pitfalls are over the coming weeks;  

We, the people have always been duped into believing that the value of currency lies in an external factors such as gold, silver and what the commoner calls ‘money’, but which…

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