Black Demon Al Sharpton gets invited to an Oxford debate and promptly chickens out


sharpton close up

You know how bad things are when a black demon like Al Sharpton is able to stir up riots, become de facto honorary Mayor of NYC, eat chitlins and watermelon with Barack and Michael, and hold down a gig as a TV broadcaster on MSNBC. All of this while outed as a former FBI informant and a tax dodger who owes significant dollars in back taxes.

Love the jump suit, baby. Fat Al. Love the jump suit, baby.

Personal Liberty

MSNBC host, race profiteer and Obama confidante Al Sharpton received the honor of an invitation to participate in debate about U.S. race relations, hosted by the Oxford Union in London.

Set for Friday, Jan. 23, the event will feature participants representing the ideological spectrum: a Black Panther leader, a liberal writer and a pair of conservative radio hosts. Oxford-style debates adhere to the classical form: point, counterpoint — with the audience voting on each side’s…

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