RT: Iran, Russia to create ‘joint bank’ for trade in national currencies – ambassador

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Published time: January 28, 2015 03:24

Russian ruble banknotes. (Reuters/Ilya Naymushin)

Russian ruble banknotes. (Reuters/Ilya Naymushin)

Iran and Russia are planning to switch their bilateral trade to national currencies for which the states will create a joint bank or a mutual account, Iran’s ambassador to Russia, Mehdi Sanaei, has announced.

“Both sides plan to create a joint bank, or joint account, so that payments may be made in rubles and rials and there is an agreement to create a working group [for this],” Ambassador Sanaei told Sputnik on Tuesday.

“In order to do this, meetings need to be held between the deputy heads of the Central Banks of Russia and Iran,”Sanaei said. “I hope this visit will happen soon.”

Sanaei added that bilateral relations “are actively developing” and that 2014 was “a very fruitful year” for both countries.

Noting high tariffs on the exports of Iranian goods to Russia, Sanaei said that Tehran expects…

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