Now we go steady to the pictures

I won’t even pretend that I went to this protest with an impartial eye. I went to this protest as a person who loves Baltimore and wants to see justice for Freddie Gray and progress for my beautiful city.

The group’s that hosted this protest did a phenomenal job. The atmosphere was filled with an infectious positive energy. We took over the streets and filled the air with our chants. A few passers-by honked and waved enthusiastically to show their support for the cause, and we even managed to coax some people off the streets into joining our march.

The orangisations that sponsored the demo hosted an amazing group of speakers, all of whom gave powerfully moving speeches, met with a chorus of applause from their audience. One local man gifted a member of the London Black Revs his Che Guevara badge as a sign of his approval.

I’ve shared a…

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From Brixton to Baltimore #blacklivesmatter

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