Tough Times for the Illuminati


Whilst walking home from gym the other day I noticed something bizarre. Anyone who lives in South Africa has seen the crude flyers pasted to any and all available public spaces. Usually they advertise silly things like penis enlargement cream or a variety of services from the local witchdoctor, which include but are not limited to “make strong the body”, “win lotto”, “revenge against cheating husband”, “attract women to the body”, and so on and so forth. There are also more sinister ones that advertise cheap back-room abortions which should be illegal. It’s not that hard to track the people down, I mean they put their phone number on the flyer…

On this day however I saw one that stood out from the usual witchdoctors, penis creams and “safe” abortions advertisements.

The Illuminati are recruiting.

When one thinks of the Illuminati, that underground secret society of rich people who secretly…

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