What is a True Democracy, And How Do We Achieve It?


FM 2030’s Vision of the Future of Democracy

Famed futurist FM 2030 had some very revolutionary and forward thinking ideas, among those his idea of what democracy would look like in the near future. The main tenant of his system was riding what he termed representative or parliamentary democracy (our current system according to FM) of the representative part- instead of voting for Republican or Democrat, this candidate or that, people could vote directly on issues using mobile technology.

FM’s ideas and insight on the many flaws of our current system have proved true. According t0 2030, representative democracy has become antiquated and authoritarian. The competitive nature of our society has created a world of a few winners and a lot of losers, disenfranchising a large part of the population. With primitive technology came authoritarian systems that proved fatal to many and ultimately failed. But our smartphones and tablets have…

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