American National Pride Plunges to 30th in the World



Why be proud of being a citizen of a clusterfreak of diversity run by criminals, thugs, and tyrants. Now, if Obama were taken into custody tomorrow, along with his puppet buddies (starting with Hillary) AND the puppet masters pulling the strings from behind the curtain, then I might be proud.

In contrast, I am very proud of Euro man’s accomplishments–things like a system of law, invention, art, architecture, religion, all the things that require higher order thinking and morality.


Only 56% of Americans said they were “very proud” of their nation, according to World Values Survey data, down from over 62% in 2009 (71.1% in 2004, and 77% in 1999). Behind nations such as Libya, Nigeria, Egypt, and Poland, ‘exceptional’ America now ranks only 30th in the world for national pride…

national pride survey

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