AMTRAK & NEPAL: Weather on the eights


Inge Lehmann’s 127th Birthday

DECODING GOOGLPLEX:They are not as cryptic as of late. Hmmmm? It amy be a little insensitive to Nepal victims to post a google doodle for the 127th birthday of Inge Lehmann Seismologist (ref) HAARP and Copenhagen Accord.

127 km -1943, the Pennsylvania Railroad’s premier train, the Congressional Limited, crashed at the same location killing 79 people and injuring 117 others.


Warning for Congress – Sacrifice Trans-Pacific Partnership

Departing Kathmandu for Philadelphia on Climate-Gate 8

NEPAL: NWO tuning fork for Global D-Day



UN-VATICAN – 811 D-Day 2015

[Click on today’s Google Doodle that sits atop its search results — a little exploded drawing of the planet — and you’ll be taken to a list of results telling you all about Inge Lehmann. Google’s automated algorithm says it’s her 127th birthday today.]

Typical timely GOOGLPLEX psyops and clues

Inge Lehmann ForMemRS was a Danish seismologist…

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