Leave IGGY ALONE! “Pretty Girls” lyrics analysis

Author Sanguine


Iggy Azalea’s fall from grace is nearing complete with her recent collab with good ol’ one-foot-in-the-grave Britney Spears. Iggy, the once hot underground diva has since been vilified and called out for not, in fact, actually being the realest, with Azealia Banks leading the charge against her and the legion of SJWs that is tumblr quickly following suit. Turns out a white girl from Australia can’t get away sounding like a black rapper from the South without repercussions. Ahhh, the joys of cultural appropriation.


Side note on cultural appropriation, which I look forward to elaborating on someday: the assumptive and selfish collectivism claiming a certain style belongs to a specific race. Shouldn’t culture and style transcend that?


I can’t say “pu$$y” was much of a song, but some how it made Iggy a rising star back in 2011. It was three relatively quiet years from when her…

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