6 Legendary Lost Treasures That The Illuminati Has, Probably

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Who says there’s no adventure left in the world?

1. Kusangi

via Wiki Commons Artist’s recreation via Wiki Commons

Kusangi literally means “grass cutting sword” and was but one of three symbols of Japanese imperial authority lost that legends say was lost in the year 1185. Said to have the power to control the wind, the man who first wielded the sword fell in battle after neglecting to take the sword with him into battle.

As for how it was lost, as the story goes, Emperor Antoku, a boy of eight years and Japan’s 81st emperor, was engaged in a naval battle against the Minamoto clan during the Genpai War. Upon seeing the imperial forces were defeated, Antoku’s grandmother grabbed him and lept into the ocean, drowning them both. Kusangi went with him.

Battle of Dan-no-ura via Wiki CommonsBattle of Dan-no-ura via Wiki Commons

Shinto priests claim to have recovered the sword and stored it at the…

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