Part 6 – Illuminati Exposed (Tower of Babel The Mountain)

Visa to Paradise

Know Your Enemy

Who Are the Illuminati?

  • Notes :
    1 – Vatican not included in the original message, because this would lead to immediate deletion of the message2 – Mind control techniques of acceptance by association and refusal by dissociation intensively used.
    a) – Example : I perceive Bush as evil. Bush says : there is GOOD and there is BAD. This will lead me to refuse that assertion (dissociation). Conclusions : I reject what Bush says; I’m convinced that everything is gray.
    b) – Example : Bush presents himself and is presented by the media as a “christian fundamentalist”; Bush bombs the opposition to oblivion. Conclusions : belief in God leads to extremism; belief in God is incompatible with a peaceful world (dissociation).
    c) – Example : media is telling me 24 hours a day that Kerry is the alternative to Bush and vice-versa.
    If the starting point is…

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