Twin Peaks Hoax: Psyops coming Fast and Furious


TwinPeaks openingshotcredits.jpg

9 and 811 (9 dead – 18 injured – 192 arrested)

6-9-3  vortex based psyop =  11 Twin Peaks

Freemasons, FBI informants, Waco Texas, FOP, CIA, Fast and Furious, Waco Siege 1993, Jade Helm, Reconquista, NAU, Psyops


Waco Texas Biker Brawl and Shooting is a Hoax – Totally Ridiculous – No

This is really becoming boring to sit through the MSM’s pathetic coverage of these lame crISIS hoaxes.  The only important point is that when these AMTRAK hack and  flako WACO events become more regular, it genarally applies to distraction from the larger event. In this case BRICS, China and TPP and our dollar collapse coming this year.

The Bikers in this event are right out of Central Casting and the CIA Fast & Furious drug runners on the payroll of Langley and  Quantico training. Some likely from Mexico too since the plan for the North American Union has been…

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