Leaked Vatican Documents Expose Pope John Paul II Protection of Pedophile Priests



Confidential Vatican files once safeguarded in the sealed archives of the Congregation for Institutes and Societies of Consecrated Life were recently leaked to three Mexican men, and the essence of their contents casts a dark shadow over the reign of Pope John Paul II and his imminent sainthood. They reveal that for decades, six consecutive popes were aware of the criminalities of the late Fr. Marcial Maciel Degollado, a paedophile Mexican priest who founded the wealthy and now-disgraced Legionaries of Christ and who in 1994 was made a permanent consultant to the Congregation for the Clergy by Pope John Paul II.

Popes protected a Catholic criminal

Now, as Legionaries leave the order in droves, it has been revealed that the 212 files covered the years 1944-2002 and they add to the knowledge of the inner workings of Fr. Maciel’s religious order that John Paul II publicly presented to the world…

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