Sandy Hoax Illuminati Symbolism Exposed



This article will provide all the evidence you need to figure out that Sandy Hook was a premeditated Government Psyop upon the American People. First we start off by asking the obvious question how could MKULTRA patsy Adam Lanza have commited the supposed atrocities at Sandy Hook when he died the night before the tragedy?

adam+deathHis death certificate clearly states he died on the 13 of December 2012


Here we see CIA agent Anderson Cooper holding a picture of “Molech” from Bohemian Grove sending the subliminal message that this was a “blood sacrifice” of children, but the whole thing was actually staged FBI reported 0 deaths that year then quickly redacted their statement. The whole thing is fake Anderson Cooper stood behind a greenscreen this was a ruse to enact Gun Control.



26 children from the Sandy Hook Elementary School sang “America the Beautiful” with Jennifer Hudson at the…

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