Blacks Targeted by Masonic Musicians  


From,, by CR

bio_jahn.jpg (Illuminati Congo tries to make satanism seem good.)

If Jamaican music is any indication, even the economically deprived are being initiated into the satanic cult that humanity has become. 

Author, CR, 31, has been into Jamaican dance hall music since he was 16.  He’s Canadian but he grew up around Jamaicans. His wife is a Jamaican.  He has been to Jamaica three times on extended visits. 

As discussed in “All Black Leaders are Freemasons,”  Freemasonry has a complete hold over the black community. Not just in America, but also in third world countries where it is being promoted as something “good” in one form or another. Henry Makow has received mail from several confused Africans who want to join the illuminati. In some countries most, if not all, politicians are Freemasons. Most successful musicians are Freemasons, or members of another affiliated fraternal society. Only…

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