Disney Goes Full Satanic as Demon From 1940’s Fantasia, Chernabog, Gets His Own Film



Disney was the last non-Jewish owned studio in Hollywood. When Walt died in 1966, the family slowly turned control of the company over to the Talmudic Jewish Illuminati conspiracy that we associate with Hollywood today.

Note that there was no public demand for a Chernabog movie. And the character has been around for 75 years.

So why now? The promotion of Satanism by Hollywood’s Satan worshiping Illuminati Talmudics is in full swing. They want our souls. They want to enslave us in a Satanic cult.

Don’t be a stupid goyim. Boycott this sh*t.

Excerpt from Business Insider

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the Mouse House will give the spotlight to one of its darkest characters — the demon gargoyle Chernabog — in a future film.

If you’re not a huge Disney fan, you may not be familiar with the character, who first appeared in an…

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