Jesus: El camino, La Verdad y La Vida. La Luz del mundo!!! jUAN 14:6

Dear Concerned American,
This picture shows a large facility the size of 26 football fields. From the exterior, it looks like any sizable industrial building.

Yet this one is highly guarded. A gun-mounted helicopter sits onsite. A small unmarked exit guides you to a road unnamed on any map. And entrance requires passing armed guards and sniffer dogs.

The operations consume enough electricity to power 65,000 homes for an entire year. And the demand for water is so high that it consumes 1.7 million gallons per day.
Inside there’s enough space to store 25 billion copies of every book ever published in any language. But the few people who know the truth behind its contents are sworn to secrecy.
This building’s carefully guarded mission is now being questioned by officials across the highest levels of American government.
And Sen. Rand Paul is leading an unprecedented campaign that threatens the reasons…

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