News Special Report: Governments’ Secret Space Programs – Part 2

A Unity Consciousness World

part one

Exopolitics & Ethics: The Deep Layers of the Onion Seem Endless!


Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to share more with you regarding our governments’ Secret Space Programs. Dr. Salla continues with his interview with whistleblower “Corey Goode.”

This story opens with talk of an actual war occurring in deep space, on Mars, and on Earth –and yet, as of right now, it has been halted.

Corey states that the war is between two space alliances currently at odds, unable to discern “how much” repressed technology and information will be shared with the rest of surface humanity upon the inevitable disclosure event.

“According to Corey, on the one side of the conflict is a positive (service-to-others) Secret Space Program (SSP) Alliance comprising the first secret space program created by the U.S. military, ‘Solar Warden,’ and its allies, a number of ancient human space programs, and friendly human-looking extraterrestrial…

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