Lincoln + Kennedy + Obama = Headwound?

Wade Venden

lincoln 1

Suspend disbelief for a few moments, if you will, and consider some possibilities.

Consider the possibility that there might be a reason why the media is replete with stories comparing Obama with Lincoln and Kennedy. There might be a reason why even Obama himself has made such comparisons, as discussed in the article linked here.

In 2009, while in Springfield, Illinois for the President’s Day festivities, Obama said this:

It’s a humbling task, marking the bicentennial of our 16th president’s birth — humbling for me in particular because it’s fair to say that the presidency of this singular figure who we celebrate in so many ways made my own story possible. – source article

That same article goes on to say this:

There are, in fact, some parallels. Both had distant fathers and were raised in families of few means. Both had curiosity, devouring studies. Both became lawyers and…

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