A Special Thank You to my followers

When I first started 3rdeyeviZion it was only a vision a thought. I felt that I had something to offer to society; I felt I had a purpose to inform Men , Women and children about what is taking place in the world, creating an outlet for real information and as of today I have dedicated followers that I follow as well over 37 k to be exact and I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for the stories that I reblog and thank you for your reblogs also. Success is not about how much money you make, That’s compensation for your work and effort. Each individual has their own level of success and how they feel they can achieved their own personal goals. The creator all praise is due, made each person and living being different. Each person have a choice to be somebody or be nothing, it’s your personal choice cause last time I checked their ain’t no bunk beds when u buried or creamated. To those individuals that chose to follow and open their mind to real change I would like to say once again We are the past, We are the present , We are the future. thank you from the 3rdeyeviZion family Brooklyn we go hard …… You know


5 thoughts on “A Special Thank You to my followers

  1. Wow you follow that many, how do you keep up?
    I feel like a slug I’m always running behind, I don’t know whether it’s the way gmail is set up…they have categories they put everybody all over the place and I never know where someone is going to show up, it’ll take me days to know if you even answered me, they drive me crazy and I only fellow a little over 400 what’s your trick?!

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