The Order Illuminati, Protocols of Zion, Rothschild’s, Karl Marx, Communism – The Massive Conspiracy Against The Nordic Race

Nordic Anti Semite

The below is the actual text in the English Language of what the Jew Karl Marx originally published in Germany when he famously told the German Woman to abandon their men and do what they wanted to do. This caused the women to stop working in the armaments factories causing the German soldiers of the First World War to run out of ammunition. This was one reason, possibly the deciding factor, for Germany’s loss of that war, leading to the Treaty of Versailles, Germany’s loss of sovereignty and the partitioning of Germany, causing the conditions making the Second World War unavoidable. Jews won this war, accused Germans of ‘murdering the Jews’, leading to the present position today of Jews labeling ‘racism’ evil and leading to ‘persecution of Jews’ and more ‘holocausts’.

Jews have been a wedge since the very beginning.


This was the beginning of modern Feminism, which was…

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