Sarkodie linked with illuminati after ‘New Guy’ video release



No artiste in Ghana gets hated on
than Sarkodie.
Everything he does becomes an issue;
he has been accused several times of
being a member of the infamous cult
group, ‘The illuminati’ which
influenced his song “Illuminati“.
He has been accused again for his
controversial song “New Guy“, this
time for the music video and it’s lyrics.
Ace Hood said in the song “sell your
soul to the devil and give birth to the
We honestly don’t know what he
means by his words but many have
taken it personal saying Sarkodie is
preaching about the Illuminati.
We believe these images of the video
are mere visual effects and
coincidences but people are claiming
the images depict the devil’s triangle,
the dancing water girl – the oracle of
delphi, according to them, these
images can also be seen in the movie




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