Death at The Church – The Kingsman Movie Prophecy


The  Kingsman  a 2014 movie, about a 007 style Secret Service  elite spy organization, portrayed some disturbing elements in the movie. The movie starred Colin Firth, an elite  agent with a special skill set to kill. He and his fellow kingsman operate outside the law on behalf of the elite aristocracy This organization is a reflection of the Knights Templar and Freemason intelligence networks, more specifically, the Jesuits. The Kingsman owe their allegiance only to their order and operate outside the bounds of all international organizations. I will insert the trailer below this paragraph so you can get a flavor for the movie.

This movie portrayed the coming apocalyptic agenda of the New World order and their hatred of Christianity. if you plan on seeing this movie I am going to detail some of the facts and story plots from this movie in this post. There are a few subplots in this movie…

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