Call to Action: Police the Police!

The Insightful's Way

The over militarization of this country’s police forces is a subject that I wrote my thesis on, and I’m happy to see it be more in the limelight. It’s becoming increasingly obvious that several police units nationwide have too many toys, and not enough training. They were given technology from the bloated military budget, but none of the respect and honor of defending their own citizens. They’re afraid. I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t want my police officers to be that fearful of any criminal. They should be some of the bravest among us. We’re supposed to be able to hold our police officers to a higher moral and physical standard. We are supposed to be able to believe what they say, over that of others, which carries a huge (and apparently forgotten) responsibility to always speak the truth.

The sad part for anyone living in poverty…

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