Is China Beating The US In The South China Sea?

Peace and Freedom

By Christopher Morris

As tensions continue to unfold in the South China Sea, the question many political observers are assessing is whether or not the United States is coming out on top. Certainly there has been a great deal of rhetoric emerging from the US on the subject in recent weeks and months. And this very week, the current vice president of the United States, Joe Biden, offered further confirmation of what he characterized as Chinese expansionism in this disputed territory.

South China Sea

South China Sea Tension

According to Biden, nations that discard diplomacy and use coercion and intimidation to settle disputes only invite instability. Although the vice president did not specifically name China in his comments, this particular statement could hardly have been any more thinly veiled.

While US foreign policy has been rightly condemned on many occasions with regard to a wide variety of different actions, the country nonetheless deservesā€¦

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