Mass Shootings: It’s The Disarmament Stupid!


Source: The Sleuth Journal

Guns don’t shoot people just like cars don’t run over pedestrians. However, politicians and those who favor a disarmed population continue to use every opportunity they find to call for mass disarmament.


Let’s establish two important premises before we try to understand why politicians and pro-disarmament people advocate for mass confiscation of firearms.

If there is one single common fact about mass shootings is that the perpetrator knows that his victims are defenseless in what people usually call gun free zones.

So what are gun free zones? They are places where authorities establish a ban on firearms. Among those places there are schools, banks, public buildings and churches.

Another fact that is connected to most mass shootings, but that the media seldom reports on, is that the perpetrators are under the influence on psychiatric drugs whose effects include spontaneous outbursts of violent behavior.


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