Panel pushes ex-Green Beret officer and hero out of Army

crew-2231Once again politically incorrect pencil pushing fools on a military tribunal get rid of another up and coming hero and officer. 

The Army revoked Golsteyn’s Special Forces tab and the Silver Star.

He was assigned to a headquarters unit.

Military investigators sought only to find evidence confirming the allegations and ignored evidence that could disprove

During an offensive against the Taliban stronghold of Marjah in Afghanistan’s Helmand province in February 2010, Golsteyn responded to an attack on his base by leading about 80 troops into a four-hour firefight.

He repeatedly exposed himself to enemy fire as he helped evacuate a wounded Afghan soldier and directed repeated airstrikes onto the enemy, according to an Army narrative about Golsteyn’s Silver Star medal.

Golsteyn was awarded a Silver Star medal for battlefield valor and nominated for a Distinguished Service Cross, the second-highest military decoration a soldier can receive for extraordinary heroism.



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