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The Complete Interactive Guide To How The NSA Spies On Everything You Do

Zero Hedge
April 6, 2014

With all the hoopla about missing airplanes, renewed wars of the cold variety, and rigged markets, it is easy to forget that America is now officially a totalitarian state of the Orwellian kind, where the population has – involuntarily – ceded all of its privacy in exchange for… something. Because it certainly isn’t security. So we are happy to provide a reminder of just this, especially since as BusinessWeek notes, it gets harder to keep track of all the bizarre ways the National Security Agency has cooked up to spy on people and governments. This may help.

Data in Motion

NSA’s spies divide targets into two broad categories: data in motion and data at rest. Information moving to and from mobile phones, computers, data centers, and satellites is often easier to grab, and the agency sucks up vast amounts worldwide. Yet common data such as e-mail is often protected with encryption once it leaves a device, making it harder—but not impossible—to crack.

Data at Rest

Retrieving information from hard drives, overseas data centers, or cell phones is more difficult, but it’s often more valuable because stored data is less likely to be encrypted, and spies can zero in on exactly what they want. NSA lawyers can compel U.S. companies to hand over some of it; agency hackers target the most coveted and fortified secrets inside computers of foreign governments.

Where the Data Goes

Much of the data the NSA compiles from all these efforts will be stored in its million-square-foot data center near Bluffdale, Utah. It can hold an estimated 12 exabytes of data. An exabyte is the equivalent of 1 billion gigabytes.

And some of the specific methods the NSA uses to spy on US citizens and the occasional offshore “terrorist”:


  • Call Recorder – The agency can intercept and store for up to a month 100 percent of a foreign country’s telephone calls, which can be sorted and played back.


  • Clone Phones – Foreign targets’ cell phones can be surreptitiously swapped for an identical model with built-in listening and data collection devices.


  • Fake Shops – Diplomats at the 2009 G-20 summit in London were tricked, with the NSA’s help, into using an Internet cafe that had been rigged to send data to British intelligence.


  • Travel Trackers – The NSA has several ways to follow the movements of intelligence targets as they get off planes, drive across borders, or move around a city, including an implant that directs a cell phone SIM card to send geolocation data via text message.


  • Special Delivery – Spies intercept computers that foreign targets buy online, fit them with devices that send data to the NSA, and box them back up for normal delivery.


  • X-Ray Vision – Radar waves beamed into a room can detect what is being typed on a keyboard or displayed on a computer screen.


  • Credit Cards – The agency tapped into the network of Visa and major banking systems to collect troves of transaction data.


  • Satellites – The NSA infiltrated German satellite communications used in remote locations such as drilling platforms—and by the country’s diplomats.


  • Gamer Spies – Agency employees join World of Warcraft and Second Life communities, hunting for criminal networks and recruiting informants. They’ve also infiltrated Microsoft’s Xbox Live network.


  • Cell Towers – Base stations mimicking cell towers siphon location data from targets’ phones. Agents can also intercept mobile calls with a shoe-box-size receiver.


  • Submarines – The agency can collect worldwide Internet traffic with a modified nuclear submarine that taps undersea fiber-optic cables—allowing spies to vacuum data from millions of users.


  • Secret Selfies – Malware planted in an iPhone can secretly activate its camera and microphone, turning it into a listening device. Malware for Windows mobile phones enables complete remote control of the handset.


  • Fake Rocks – Transmitters hidden inside rocks and other objects can receive information from NSA taps implanted in nearby computers even if they’re “air gapped” machines or networks that aren’t hooked up to the Internet—among the hardest of all digital targets.


The Stasi is spinning in its grave… with jealousy.

Missouri Teachers Object to Being Shot During Drills

Missouri students and teachers required by law to participate in active shooter drill
March 6, 2014

Teachers in St. Francois County, Missouri, have complained after they were told part of their duties include being shot at with pellet guns during “active shooter” drills. Officials told the teachers they would be required to wear goggles to protect their eyes.

Active shooter exercise in Indiana. Photo: Staff Sgt. Brad Staggs, Atterbury-Muscatatuck Public Affairs

Active shooter exercise in Indiana. Photo: Staff Sgt. Brad Staggs, Atterbury-Muscatatuck Public Affairs

After four teachers contacted the Prosecuting Attorney’s office in the state, Associate Superintendent Sarah Long told KMOX in St. Louis said teachers “could sign up to work in department meetings and in other professional developmental opportunities” instead of participating in drills they found “too scary.”

Missouri students and teachers are required by law to participate in active shooter drills. “In August 2013, the state legislature took a cue from a handful of post-Sandy Hook lawmakers, like the ones in Illinois and Arkansas, and voted to require every school district to conduct simulated shooter drills,” NBC News reports. Drills are “meant to help law enforcement craft strategies to take down active shooters, as well as to familiarize teachers with the sound of guns and teach them to act quickly.”

According to Missouri State Teachers Association spokesman Todd Fuller, the issue has come up before in other school districts in the state. “I think what we’re going to see is a need to readdress and reevaluate the statute,” he told KMOX.

Jerrod Mahurin, the St. Francois County prosecutor, acknowledged teachers had contacted him asking for legal advice. They did not file a formal complaint.

Active shooter drills conducted by police are now routine across the country. In rural Oregon last year, teachers were traumatized when masked men appeared unannounced at a high school in Halfway and burst into a teachers’ lounge and opened fire with blanks.

In January of last year Illinois students in classrooms at the Cary-Grove High School endured police firing blanks in school hallways “in an effort to provide our teachers and students some familiarity with the sound of gunfire,” according to principal Jay Sargeant, CBS Chicago reported. “From the school’s request, they want to let the students know what the sound of gunshot might be, should that occur in their school,” Cary Police Chief Steven Casstevens added.

A number of parents said they were not informed prior to the drill, although the school district claimed it had sent out email notifying them. It said the uninformed parents did not receive the email due to a technical problem.

In the past drills have contained political messages. For instance, in 2004, cops in Muskegon, Michigan conducted a “mock attack” on a school bus as part of a terrorism response exercise. The terrorists portrayed in the exercise were said to be fanatical homeschoolers.

The exercise was a simulated “attack by a fictitious radical group called Wackos Against Schools and Education who believe everyone should be homeschooled,” Homeschool World reported in September, 2004.

The simulated attack was funded by the Department of Homeland Security.

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Whistleblower Fired After Warning Of Danger At Hanford Nuclear Site


A nuclear engineer who has continually warned of major safety issues at Washington state’s Hanford nuclear cleanup site was fired Tuesday after executives accused her of “unprofessional conduct.”

Image: Nuclear Fuel Storage Building (

Image: Nuclear Fuel Storage Building (

Donna Busche, the site’s environmental and nuclearsafety manager, is now the third high-level employee to be removed after exposing Hanford’s growing danger.

The site, built in the 1940s as part of the Manhattan Project, is the most polluted nuclear waste site in the United States. Cleanup operations are currently being led by California-based URS Corp, who vehemently denies Busche was fired for her remarks.

“URS gave me no reason for my termination other than ‘unprofessional conduct.’ They gave me no documentation. They gave me no explanation,” Busche told CBS News.

According to Busche, URS has attempted to bypass thousands of the plant’s safety features with dangerous design tools, even barring her and her staff from conducting safety reviews.

“The Energy Department’s overall safety culture is broken and all they are doing now is sitting idly by,” Busche said.

Busche went as far as filing a federal lawsuit last year, claiming she had been punished for sounding the alarm, even predicting URS would soon fire her.

“I am a little numb,” Busche said. “I am going to take a deep breath because it has been a long five years with what I have gone through at the waste treatment plant.”

Not only has URS denied firing Busche for blowing the whistle, the company has remained mostly quiet on the countless safety issues brought up by multiple employees as well.

“Ms. Busche’s allegations will not withstand scrutiny, and URS looks forward to demonstrating through the legal process that the company and its managers acted appropriately and in full compliance with the law in their dealings with Ms. Busche,” URS spokesman Sard Verbinnen said.

Busche joins others such as Walter Tamosaitis, the former head of research who was fired by URS shortly after his concerns prompted a federal investigation last year.

Despite reassurances from URS, the site continues to make intentional news every few months as the situation becomes noticeably worse. Just last year, workers discovered six leaking storage tanksproducing 1,600 times higher than normal radiation readings.

While no definitive connection has been made, some Washington residents speculate that Hanford is linked to the alarming rise in bizarre birth defects in neighboring counties.

The complete disregard for safety by the government and corporations at a location with the deadliest radioactive isotopes know to man exemplifies the current mentality by the power structure.

Unsurprisingly, the federal government’s response to the ongoing situation at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant is eerily similar. Despite scientists confirming the presence of cesium-137 in kelp off the coast of San Diego, the federal government continues to downplay any possible danger.

This post originally appeared at Story Leak

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