Satellite to crash-land on Earth Sunday afternoon

A 2,000-pound European satellite has run out of fuel and is expected to plunge back to Earth sometime between 1:30 PM EST and 7:00 PM, scientists with Europe’s Space Debris Office said Sunday.

As of 9:30 A.M. EST it was over Greenland and racing toward Canada; it will pass over the Dakotas, Colorado and New Mexico shortly. Where precisely it will crash remains up in the air.

GOCE FACTS AND FIGURESFull name: Gravity field and steady-state Ocean Circulation Explorer

Launched: March 17, 2009

Launch site: Plesetsk Cosmodrome, Russia

Mission control: European Space Operations Centre (ESOC), Darmstadt, Germany

Number of instruments: 3

Mission cost: $470 million (including launcher and operations)

Mass: 2,425 pounds

Size: 17.4 feet long, about 3 feet body diameter

Propulsion tank: 88 pounds of xenon

As the whizzing GOCE — or Gravity field and steady-state Ocean Circulation Explorer — descends, scientists are carefully monitoring it to determine the landing site and ensure public safety. With each orbit, it descends from a current altitude of under 84 miles by about 0.6 miles per hour.

“With a very high probability, a re-entry over Europe can be excluded,” wrote Heiner Klinkrad, Head of ESA’s Space Debris Office, on an ESA website Sunday. Klinkrad, who is closely monitoring the GOCE re-entry, cited radar measurements and satellite-to-satellite tracking.

“The most probable impact ground swath runs over oceans and polar regions, as well as uninhabited areas of Australia,” he said.

GOCE ran out of gas last month and has been steadily sinking towards the Earth. As the planet rotates, the satellite whizzes over nearly every point between the poles. Experts expect it to plunge harmlessly into the oceans that cover 70 percent of the planet’s surface.

But not everyone is convinced of that. On Saturday, odds makers with British gaming company Ladbrokes gave 6 to 4 odds it would crash-land in North or South America.

‘[If] you could prove a piece of GOCE hit your Honda, you could go to your government to make a claim.’- Marcia S. Smith, president of the Space and Technology Policy Group

Should the satellite end up in your backyard, experts said the government responsible for launching it would be responsible for any damage — that would be Russia, in this case.

“Basically, governments are responsible for their own spacecraft,” explained Marcia S. Smith, president of the Space and Technology Policy Group in Arlington, Va. “[If] you could prove a piece of GOCE hit your Honda, you could go to your government to make a claim,” she told

GOCE has been orbiting Earth since March 2009 at the lowest altitude of any research satellite. With a sleek, aerodynamic design meant to eliminate drag on the craft from the planet — it’s been called the “Ferrari of space” — GOCE has mapped variations in Earth’s gravity, creating a model of the planet’s “geoid.”

The satellite is 17.4 feet long, according to the European Space Agency. A 2014 Chevrolet Suburban is 18.5 feet long, including the bumpers. The slim satellite is only 1/3 the weight of the truck, however.

As far as anyone knows, falling space debris has never injured anyone — although one woman came dangerously close. Nor has significant property damage been reported.



Cops Now Enforcing Anal Probing On Americans Routinely

As second horror story emerges, doctors face being banned from practicing medicine

Steve Watson
Nov 7, 2013

Earlier this week we covered the story of an innocent New Mexico man who was forced to endure 14 hours of enforced anal probing at the hands of doctors, on the orders of cops looking for narcotics, and was then billed by the medical center. It has now emerged that this was not an isolated incident, and that ANOTHER person was treated the exact same way in the same medical center.

In October, Timothy Young was pulled over by cops in Lordsburg, N.M for not using his blinker. According to police reports, the same drug sniffing dog that featured in David Eckert’s ordeal, described above, again reacted in Mr Young’s case.

KOB Eyewitness News 4 reports that Young was immediately taken to the same hospital, the Gila Regional Medical Center in Silver City, and just like Eckert, was subjected to anal exams and x-rays of his stomach, without giving his consent.

The examinations again turned up nothing, and it again turned out that the “search warrant” obtained by the cops was issued in a different county to where the medical exams took place.

KOB Eyewitness News 4 also reports that the drug sniffing dog’s certification expired in 2011 and was never renewed. The law states that drug dogs must be re-certified every year.

“We have done public requests to find anything that would show this dog has been trained, we have evidence that this dog has had false alerts in the past,” David Eckert’s attorney Shannon Kennedy said.

The medical center faces the possibility of hefty fines, with the doctors in question scheduled to face the state licensing board, which may revoke their licenses to practice medicine.

The police officers involved in Young’s case will face a law enforcement disciplinary board, while in Eckert’s case all involved are staring a weighty lawsuit in the face.

This second case indicates that police are conducting this procedure as a matter of routine when a drug sniffing dog reacts to anyone they stop.

Indeed, we have covered several disturbing stories of innocent people being forced to undergo cavity searches at the hands of police who have no authority, flagrantly violating the Constitutional rights of Americans.


GMO labeling initiative 522 has failed, proving once again that corporate money can buy food secrecy

Natural News
November 6, 2013

As of this writing, Washington state I-522 looks to have narrowly failed at the ballot box. This link shows election results county by county.

Image: Wikimedia Commons.

At 11:00pm last night, the “no” votes were winning by approximately 55% to 44%. Mail-in votes reportedly have not been counted yet, but unless a radical change appears in the final votes, I-522 will go down in history as yet another example of corporate money buying out the voters through a campaign of lies and deception.

The Grocery Manufacturers of America and most of the big-name food companies proved in this campaign that they are willing to operate a criminal conspiracy to cheat, lie and intentionally misinform voters. At stake is their continued way of doing business: SECRECY coupled with consumer ignorance.

In an honest election, I-522 would have easily passed

The last thing these companies want is for consumers to realize they’re buying poison. That’s why they plowed tens of millions of dollars into their disinfo campaign, hoping they could trick enough voters into not understanding what they were voting for. In an honest election that wasn’t primarily determined by money, I-522 would pass in a landslide, but in this election, much like Prop 37, corporate money allowed these companies to essentially buy their way to a ballot box victory that keeps consumers ignorant.

The Yes on 522 campaign ran a valiant campaign, and had voters not been deceived by the corporate-funded opposition, the ballot measure would have unquestionably passed. No person in their right mind would want LESS transparency on what’s in the foods we buy and consume. Every intelligent person, if allowed due consideration on the subject, will naturally conclude that the right to know what’s in our food is a fundamental human right.

The failure of 522 also shows that democracy itself doesn’t work when a tidal wave of corporate money is allowed to influence election outcomes. And that’s the way nearly all elections work, isn’t it? So even though we can all talk about the idealistic goal of “the People” being in charge of legislation, in reality the corporations have now seized so much power in America that even when the informed masses want to codify fundamental human rights into law, it cannot be readily achieved.

GMO labeling will never be won with money

After back-to-back failures of Prop 37 and I-522, I think it’s time we all realized we will never win this issue with money. As much as we all gave money to this campaign (and Dr. Bronner’s gave the most, I believe), the junk food manufacturers of this nation were able to spend almost twenty times more.

Selling the public toxic beverages and junk foods made with cheap “junk” ingredients is highly profitable, of course, so these companies have hundreds of millions of dollars to throw around like caged gorillas flinging excrement.

If we hope to ever see GMO labeling mandated in any state in America, victory is going to have to be achieved through “guerilla activism” methods that go far outside the box of “spending money on ads.”

I’m not criticizing the 522 campaign directors, by the way. They did a fantastic job. But the playbook they are working from is based on rules of conventional campaigning, not guerilla campaigning.

It’s much like the American colonists in the War of Independence who realized they would be slaughtered if they did battle with the occupying British by adhering to rigid formations. Man for man (and dollar for dollar), you can’t beat the establishment. What you need to invoke is asymmetrical warfare tactics such as guerilla warfare where colonists would hide in the bushes and ambush high-ranking British officers, thereby cutting off the leadership and causing disarray among the enemy ranks.

Don’t misunderstand my metaphor here: I am not suggesting anyone actually ambush and kill CEOs of junk food companies. This is merely an illustration of the fact that going head to head (dollar for dollar) with Pepsico, Coca-Cola and Monsanto is never going to result in victory for GMO labeling activists.

There are far more clever ways to multiply your efforts and make the actions of one person more impactful than millions of dollars in expenditures by the opposition.

Take off the kid gloves and go for the throat

We also have to realize that the GMO labeling opposition will never play by the rules. They routinely engage in dirty tricks and even criminal behavior in order to achieve their goals at any cost. I am not suggesting that we stoop to their level and start breaking the law to achieve victory, but we do have to take a far more aggressive stance that directly accuses the opposition of mass deception, mass poisoning and causing a potential ecological disaster.

See, the problem with the campaigns for GMO labeling so far is that they are too polite. They are run by nice people who play by nice rules. Those are great people to have as friends and neighbors, but they are not the kind of scrapping, no-holds-barred warriors that are needed to defeat such as slithering, slippery enemy.

The opposition to GMO labeling is a cabal of mafia-style criminal rogues who continue to achieve their dark victories by breaking all the rules and playing dirty. To beat them at that game, you have to take off the kid gloves and go for their throats.

If anybody in the GMO labeling activism world wants to know how to do that, contact me so we can set up a face-to-face meeting. In the mean time, know that I am already working on an asymmetrical P.R. warfare strategy that will be unleashed next year right here on Natural News.

Because the real story here — and I’m not going to fully explain this until later — is that the very weapons needed to defeat these evil corporations are sitting right there on the shelves of every grocery store across America. They have handed us the tools of their own defeat.

This will all be explained in more detail on January 7, 2014 as part of my upcoming breakthrough food science announcement.


DNC Boss Wasserman Schultz: Nothing Obama Said About ACA “Was Not True”
November 5, 2013

Democrats are desperately engaged in damage control mode after Obamacare was revealed to be little more than a scam cooked up with mega-insurance corporations to fleece the American people at gunpoint and it was discovered millions of Americans will lose their coverage.

Democratic National Committee boss Debbie Wasserman Schultz was trotted out on Tuesday to muddy the waters and empathically state that Obama was not lying when he said Americans would be allowed to keep their existing healthcare plans.